FAQ's Buying or selling a property

Conveyancing FAQs

Everything you need to know about property conveyancing

1.    What are the differences between a lawyer, a conveyancer and a paralegal?

Conveyancers are licensed to perform the administrative work associated with a property transaction. If legal advice or assistance is required in relation to a conveyance, a conveyancer will need to refer you to a qualified lawyer. Lawyers are trained and legally qualified to perform all legal and administrative work associated with a conveyance.

Many lawyers however, do not personally handle conveyancing matters and instead, delegate them to paralegals. Paralegals are neither licensed by a professional body nor legally qualified and is commonly therefore, a poor choice. 123 Conveyancing only uses lawyers for your conveyance. We do not sacrifice quality in order to be cost competitive.

2.    Why should I use 123 Conveyancing?

Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever need to make. The consequences of making a mistake can be expensive and devastating. 123 Conveyancing only uses lawyers for your conveyance. We have a team of lawyers across Australia that specialises in conveyancing. We offer a conveyancing service for prices and turnaround times that are unmatched in the Australian market. Our focus is on you and your conveyancing needs only. That’s why we are the number 1 conveyancing firm of choice in Australia; get a quote on our cheap conveyancing services now.

3.    Will using a team of Lawyers cost me more than using a Conveyancer?

No, definitely not. At 123 Conveyancing, you will have access to the services of our specialised lawyers at a very competitive rate without sacrificing the quality of your conveyance.

4.    How long does the process of buying or selling a property take?

We will review your Contract within 48 hours. From the day you sign the Contract, settlement is usually within 30 – 90 days. We can request changes to this based on your specific needs.

5.    Why is 123 Conveyancing’s fees so low?

Our specialised lawyers, our vast experience and our use of technology have allowed us to pass on pricing benefits to you and our affordable prices also reflect the large number of conveyances throughout Australia which we conduct year in year out. After all, we have had over 80 years of conveyancing experience and we are great at what we do!

6.    Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. 123 Conveyancing carries professional indemnity insurance and our insurance covers everything we do.

7.    How do you offer country wide services?

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and can service properties in all states and territories of Australia. We also have representatives that assist in Canberra, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth. As our technology allows the conveyancing process to be remotely managed, we are able to service your needs no matter where you are.

8.    I work full time and I am not usually available during business hours – how will 123 Conveyancing accommodate my needs?

At 123 Conveyancing, we work around you. We will keep you updated by telephone, email or fax – whatever suits you and at a time that is convenient for you. We can also arrange for after hours appointments should you wish to see us to discuss your conveyance.

9.    Do you only do residential property?

At 123 Conveyancing, we service all property types including residential, investment, commercial, retirement, industrial and special use property.

10.  What happens if you review my Contract and I don’t buy the property?

We understand that in some circumstances, you may not proceed with a purchase of property even after we review your Contract. This can happen for example, when you wish to have your contract reviewed prior to an auction and you are unsuccessful at auction. If this happens, we will charge you part of the total fees payable only.

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